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Our portfolio of Research & Technology Commercialisation is able to determine the commercial potential of research and exploit technology emerging from laboratories to the business.
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To inventors
RTC Innovation Ltd provides advice and implementation in technology transfer for inventors & researchers:
  • Provides a thorough auditing service to identify new concepts or source IP / novel technologies as a means enriching our clients IP portfolios.
  • Provides the commercial potential of IP / novel technologies and provides advice on appropriate exploitation strategies.
  • Co-ordinate the protection of IP for potential business with IP portfolios or simple devise cost-effective IP protection strategies for businesses on a restricted budget.
To industries
RTC Innovation Ltd is to develop a strong technical partnership with our industrial clients to ensure that cutting edge technology developed from universities & research institutes can successfully be transferred. We apply effective solutions for each individual client problem to achieve their goals.
  • On behalf of industrial clients, we search for technologies that can match a real unfulfilled market need.
  • We work with universities & research institutes to maximise the value in their IPR pipeline by selection of the most appropriate route forward, whether that be by licensing technology, creating joint ventures with supply chain partners or by spin out company formation.
  • A search for new technology begins with a thorough assessment of the market and product needs so that the most appropriate technology can be selected. Our technology focus is currently on Materials Science, Manufactory and Metal forming & materials modelling. We cover most market sectors for the above technologies.
  • We provide our clients with the matching skills, knowledge and experience to use technology to grow their business.
  • We seek funding to early/later stage of investment opportunities for industries




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